Milagros by Martha Egan Book Cover

by Martha Egan

Milagros are small objects offered to saints or popular images of deities in return for favors granted or prayers answered. They are found throughout Latin America, offered by the hundreds of thousands of devoted petitioners whose purchase or fabrication of these votive offerings continues an ancient folk practice.

This is the definitive book on Milagros, richly illustrated with photographs of milagros in public and private collections in the US and Latin America. Detailed drawings of ancient and contemporary ex-votos and milagros by artist Kathy Chilton enliven the text. This is a bilingual presentation of seventy-five milagros from around the world in a beautifully designed book that has been in print for over 20 years.

132 pages


Bilingual: English/ Spanish

Paperback: ISBN # 978-089013220-3 $24.95
Publisher: Museum of New Mexico Press
(May 1991)

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