Winner of THE BRONZE IPPY FOR 2008

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by Frank H. Parrish

The IPPY Awards have increased recognition of titles by independent authors and publishers in North America since 1996.

by Martha Egan

Nena Herrara-Casey is the coyota, the youngest in her large extended Mexican-American family. Her life in Albuquerque seems placid enough. She teaches Spanish part time at the University and sells handicrafts imported from south of the border at the flea market.

But Nena has nightmares—vivid, chilling, violent, and recurring.When she overhears two Drug Enforce-ment Agents' whispered conversation, she becomes unwittingly entangled in a mysterious "accident", a fiery plane crash that kills a former student. Was the conversation she overheard actually the plot to murder him?

Nena leaves for a vacation in Mexico designed to calm her fears and introduce Cal, her new lover, to the delights of a country dear to her. But Cal is monolingual and narrow minded. His misunder-standings of Mexican culture provide a comic view of the clueless Gringo.

As Nena's vacation becomes an ordeal, rogue DEA agents conspire to set her up on bogus drug charges. The suspense tightens while her worst nightmare stalks her through the Mexican desert.





184 pages
Hardcover: ISBN: 978-097558812-3   $21.00
Paperback: ISBN: 978-097558813-0   $12.00
Publisher: Papalote Press (October 1, 2007)

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Coyota — quick and clever. She will jump into readers' hands.

"Coyota is the consummate Southwestern novel, a story of the peaceful Mexicos, new and old, and the underbelly of corruption that lies beneath them. . . .Smart, feisty, vulnerable Nena Herrera-Casey, an innocent and principled bystander . . . is swept onto the vicious trading field where honest commerce with Mexico and drug trafficking collide. Egan tells her story with the sure hand of a writer who knows both sides of the peso."
- Sara Voorhees, Author of The Lumière Affair: A Novel of Cannes

"Nena Herrera-Casey (Coyota) is a young Mexican-American woman living a peacefully normal existence in Albuquerque. When she inadvertently runs afoul of two crooked Drug Enforcement agents who want to kill her, peace and normalcy are the last adjectives to describe what becomes of her life. Martha Egan has written a bi-culturally smart, swift moving, page turner...."
- Page Stegner, author of The Selected Letters of Wallace Stegner

"Egan knows her territory, She's got the ambience, culture, and color of Mexico and New Mexico nailed. Stay tuned for what follows."
- Gloria Fraser Giffords, author of Sanctuaries of Stone and Light: The Churches of Northern New Spain, 1530-1821.

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